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April 2015 news

Two new interviews online this month:

- Nick Grey - 7 influential songs on 7trax

- Nick Grey interview on Chain D.L.K.


Also, our collaborator Boyarin is doing a crowdfunding thing for his(brilliant) first album. Please help him reach his funding goals: 


And finally, an announcement about our own new album will be coming (very) soon! 




In Churning Seas (iOS game)

I am happy to announce I've worked on the soundtrack of a brilliant little indie iOS game called "In Churning Seas", which should be available very soon on the Apple app store. In the meantime, here's a short teaser:


Latest Press:

Some of the reviews for our latest album (until now). The reception of our record has been overwhelmingly positive, needless to say we are very excited and grateful! List will be updated as the news keep coming:

  • (updated 11/01/2015)



/Germany: Triple feature in Spex Magazine (album review + column + one song on sampler CD)

/UK: Review on The Active Listener

/UK: Review on The Sound Projector

/France: Review in Obsküre Magazine

/Poland: Review on

/Poland: Nick Grey interview on (English version available on our Facebook page)

/USA: Album Premiere on

/France: Review on Longueur d'Ondes

/Belgium: Review on MusicZine

/UK: Review on Terrascope

/France: Review on Nouvelle Vague

/France: Another review on Nouvelle Vague

/Germany: Review on African Paper

/Germany: Review on BLACK Magazin

/France: Review on Benzine Mag

/France: Review on Foutraque

/Germany: A 20/20 review on Musikansich

/France: Review on Maxoe

/France: Review on La Magic Box

/Italy: Review on Music Won't Save You

/Germany: Review on Rock-N-Blog

/France: Review on IDEM Mag

/France: Review on Monsieur Délire

/Germany: Review on Bad Alchemy

/France: Album of the week on Radio Vassivière

/Italy: Review on Blow Up

/France: Review on RifRaf

/France: Album feature on Radio-G